McClelland Hall Room 214

Room Number

214- Jay Nunamaker Collaborative Learning Classroom

Room Type




Furniture Configuration

Flat- Movable tables (not recommended), movable chairs

Tech Support

Specialized Eller technology, no UITS support. Contact or call 621.2385 for tech support.

Tech Equipment: 

  • 4 laser projectors/4 screens

  • Dual monitors at teaching console (2nd monitor can be used for Zoom gallery view)

  • 2 cameras 

  • Zoom, Elmo, Blu-ray, PC, handheld lapel mic, HDMI for laptop connection, hearing loop.

Additional Features: 

  • Tabletop Power

  • Large whiteboard at front teaching wall, 2 small white boards on north wall, 2 small whiteboards on south wall.

  • Elmo can be used with Zoom/Panopto

Scheduling Contact 

Preferred Method of Scheduling


Outlook Calendar