McClelland Hall Emergency Leads

McClelland Hall Emergency Leads

Every Eller department, center and lab must have one Departmental Emergency Lead and one Alternate Departmental Emergency Lead. These individuals must be willing to perform the following duties:
  • Pass on information regarding Eller emergency procedures to respective units
  • Keep crisis response kit ready at all times
  • Participate in annual training sessions
  • Communicate with other Eller Emergency Leads / Alternate Emergency Leads via hand-held radio during emergencies
  • Communicate with Emergency Responders during an emergency

Click here to see a list of current Eller Emergency Team Leads / Emergency Team Alternate Leads.

Crisis Response Kit

Crisis response kits shall contain the following:

  • Hand-held radio
  • Vest
  • Flashlight
  • Mask
  • Clipboard with phone trees and evacuation routes

 Eller Evacuation Procedure - Emergency Department Leads / Emergency Alternate Leads

If you hear the fire alarm sirens or see the fire alarm strobes flashing:

  • Gather crisis response kit
    • Don vest
    • Turn radio to channel 16
  • Encourage others in your area to safely vacate
  • Do not force anyone to leave, and do not stay with anyone unwilling to leave
  • Never re-enter a building you have evacuated until you have heard the “All Clear.” Both UAPD and Tucson Fire Department (TFD) will silence the fire alarm sirens when they arrive at a building so they can communicate over their radios. Just because you may hear the fire alarm siren turn off does not mean the building can be re-entered. Wait at the designated evacuation point for notice from UAPD that you can go back into the building.

Please refer to the McClelland Hall Building Emergency Plan for additional details regarding building evacuations.

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