Eller College Strategic Plan 2018-2022

At the Forefront of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Dear Friends,

The forces of the “fourth industrial revolution” are shaping the business world in unprecedented ways. Exponential advances in a wide range of digital technologies are causing disruption in entire industries forcing rapid changes everywhere, from retail to logistics to financial services. In a world of big data analytics and artificial intelligence, in which software and automation reign supreme, digital transformation affects society, the economy and organizations in ways never seen before.

More than ever there is an accelerated need for forward-looking, impactful business education—an education that is firmly planted on the solid foundation of business disciplines, and at the same time focuses on entrepreneurship, innovation, creativity, partnerships, new business models and an understanding of the digital forces and their consequences in an increasing interdisciplinary context.

The Eller College’s indisputable prominence in fields that directly inform and impact the Fourth Industrial Revolution allows the college to lead business education for the innovation economy: interdisciplinary, based on business immersion environments and ready for the digital business world. 

Through this lens of business innovation, we will create knowledge and academic programs that form students who will be prepared to tackle the challenges of the rapidly changing business world. 

Paulo B. Goes
Dean and Halle Chair in Leadership

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